Happy Music for Children

“The bed creaked.

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The floor squeaked.”

And that is just the beginning of Peter’s troubles.


I quickly go over the sounds to make: creak, squeak, swish, & hiss before launching into the story. (Hand motions are fun too) The children won’t have any trouble helping you with the animal sounds (encourage this).

There is dialogue, so come up with unique voices for the characters! Peter gets really angry, so you can have some fun with this, but be mindful of the sensitive children….

And there is a lovely, quiet resolution.

“Ah. Oh,”…”How quiet my house is.”

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This classic story begs to be interpreted dramatically!

The children can call out the peddler’s market banter.

Then when the peddler interacts with the monkeys, you can be the peddler, and the class can be the monkeys. This is so much fun.


BOTH of these stories feature an individual with a problem. As soon as it is obvious what the problem is, you can ask the kids how they would solve it.

More dramatic participation stories

There are audience participation storyteller’s books at your library and for sale online.

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I tell three from this one every year.

To tell these stories, you want to memorize the basic idea, and then ad lib the actual telling.

Make it fun! When the prince goes riding to fight the wizard, make everyone bounce up & down — as you call out silly obstacles¬† “He rode through the pizza forest!”

Storytelling just invites all kinds of creativity.  Do come up with something to make the experience visual.

Over the years, my artsy daughters have created puppets to aid my storytelling, and the children love them.

Especially the beautiful Snow Queen.

My dragon puppet frightens the children, so they all get a chance to pet it before the story begins. See, not so scary.

The story about the Emperor invites exploration into all kinds of sounds: chimes, gongs, clocks, and all manner of bird songs. You could spend a whole class on this story.

And don’t forget your favorite from summer camp: “Goin’ on a Lion Hunt”. Always works.

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